- How to by on-line 

Just do it ion three simple steps:
Choose the article you wish and click on it , on the ox which says buy. If you want to add any more articles just click on go to catalogue
The page will lead you to a list of boxes which you have to fill, first with the recipient´s data: name, address, phone. Fill all the blanks required. Make sure your data are correct  so we can guarantee a correct delivery on time. Then fill the blanks with your data - these will never be visible for recipient!
the web site will led then to fill your payment data: credit card or paypal.  If you wish to pay by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX...) you would be required your security pincode for online shopping. If you don´t have this code in your country, system may skip this part and accept your payment but if this does not happen, please use paypal system (in which you may pay also by credit card) or phone us so we can use the fisical machine at the shop. Online payments are 100% secure through our website. If you choose to pay through Paypal, the web will lead you duirectly to Paypal

What we do when we receive your order:
We receive the order by e-mail and payment confirmation and then you will receive a shopping receipt through the mail you previously gave us.
We prepare the order details with the flowers, which are under a straight quality control, and then they are deliverd in the data and time you have selected: from 10 to 15 hours or from 16 to 21 hours (monday to saturaday) Flowers are prepared just moments before delivery, except for locations in which the only possibility is to be sent from Marid by special courier in a box, which must be arranged the day before delivery. We deliver in all Spain in towns over 10,000 inhabitants due to local availability. If there´s no availability of the chosen item, client will be inform of possibility of substition, change of delivery date, and order will be cancelled and monety refunden if clieen does not agree.

- ¿Can I buy directly buy phone?
If you prefer to buy by phone, ypu can call to our Client´s service phones ( +34 914 748 082 o  +34 630815493) between 10.00 and 21.00 hours from monday to saturday and one of our agents will take your order details.  In this case, you must give all the order details, credit card data and identification to the agent at the phone as payment could go through. Always payment must be done and verified before order is delivered.