- ¿At what time flowers will arrive to recipient´s?
ROSASGAVANZAL.ES guarantees the delivery in time chosen by clients unless delivery data are incorrect. You can choose morning time: from 10-15 hours or afternoon-evening: from 16 to 21 hours in the Spanish GMT, from Monday to Saturady (not festives). If you are not absolutely sure your recipient would be at the time selected or the address data could be uncertain, leve a phone to contact them. We will use it in a proper way to mantain confidential information of clients and the surprise of what they will receive. You may ask to deliver in a shorter range of time and we will try to do it as wished, however, this would depend on the amount of orders, the orders we have got before yours and geographical routes of deliveries.Please note two important questions: 

- Flowers are delicate arrangements, unique and original, just made for you. It is not possible to change or cancel the order when the delivery has been tried to do.

- Re-deliveries could requiere an aditional amount of at least  10 € (Eur), and must be done in the next 48 hours. After this time the clients would loose ther shopping.

- If recipient is able to go to the shop and pick the flowers, no other cost will be required. We will not guarantee the status of the flowers after 48 hours after initial delivery.

  May I place my orders to deliver on Sundays or festives?

Rosasgavanzal´s deliveries are operative from monday to saturday in the timetables pointed in Shipping methods which clients choose at the moment of the shopping.

There are some dates during the year in which we are open to shop and delivery on Sundays, such as Saint Valentine´s eve, Mother´s day, etc. This means deliveries are possible in Madrid and our area of delivery but in other parts of Spain we depend on the associated shops to us. In case deliveries on sunday are open, clients would be able to selct them on the shipping methods.

- How flowers would arrive to recipients?

Floweeras will arrive perfctly hidratated and in optimum state. Our florists and couriers take extreme care of our materials so that recipients could enjoy the most tiome of our products. Flowers will be sent always half open or in a good openning status, with enogh freshness to guarantee a reasonable durability for each article. Flower bouquets are prepared just before the monewt of delivey and plants are wrapped only when have to be sent. We don´t work with pre-wrapped and pre-arranged materials.
Our shipping methods guarantee that in this proccess , no damage could be done to our flowers.

- What to do with the flowers you receive?
Once you receive the flowers, just dedicate some minutes in order to mantain its freshness the most time: you must cut the stems no more than a centimetre and set the flowers in clean water. It´s useful to add to water two or three drops of pure bleach, to keep water purified. Repeat the process no longer than the next 48 hours.

If you receive plants, see the mantainance instructions from cultivator or, if you have questions about, you van phone or mail us.

Preserved roses dont need any mantainance conditions but to keep them AWAY FROM WATER AND MOIST and not directly exposed to sunlight.